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Inclement Weather and Line-Up Rule (Bonnie Jurist   Jan 24)

When rescheduling matches, please note the following when creating line ups:
The Line Up Rule must be followed for all rescheduled matches. Players must play according to the Line Up rule based on the actual date of the last match played. For example, if a match during week 8 is rescheduled due to inclement weather and won’t be played until after week 9, but before week 10, the Line Up rule for the rescheduled match for week 8 must take into account the pairs line up from week 9. Accordingly, the line up for week 10 must be based on the previously played match, the rescheduled week 8 match. Any questions should be directed to the appropriate Division Rep.

Printing Rules (Bonnie Jurist   Nov 16)

There are now two ways to access the Rules.  To view the Rules, you can click on the Rules tab at the top of the Home page.  If you would like to print the Rules, you can go to Downloadable Forms.  You are encouraged to have a copy of the Rules on match day.

Captains Meeting (Kellianne Erath   Jun 26)

Captains Meeting will be held Thursday 9/26/19 @ The Weston Golf Club  - 10:00am.

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DBH June 2019 Update

Our website will be quiet over the next few months but I wanted to make you aware of a few things:

Our June letter went out to all DBH club coordinators 2 weeks ago. Please let me know if you didn't receive it. It details information about assigned teams, team deadlines and key dates regarding Captain's Meeting, team drop deadline and dues deadline and a few rule changes. Please read carefully.

The DBH calendar is now posted as well. Please note that matches will start October 2nd through December 12th. We will break for the holidays and matches will resume January 8th.

We will also be working on moving teams who moved up or down divisions. Please don't look at the division placements. At present we are just working on getting teams into their correct division (1, 1A, 2, etc.) not specific region. Those assignments aren't determined until later this summer or early fall. We do our best keep teams in the same region but sometimes changes are unavoidable. Please be patient.

Kellianne Erath
DBH Chair

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