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The Country Club

191 Clyde Street , Chestnut Hill, MA, 02467
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Phone: 617-456-3950
Club Website
Head Tennis Professional: Johan DuRandt
Racquet Sports Manager: Elliott Saunders
Notes: TCC Dress Code:
Suitable tennis attire for women and girls includes dresses, skirts, shorts and shirts made specifically for tennis. ‘Cut-offs’, cargo shorts, bathing suits, running shorts, and casual tee shirts are not permitted. Appropriate warm-up gear is also expected – sweatshirts and sweatpants with slogans are not permitted.
White tennis attire is still preferred.

For Directions: Use Google Directions or club web site.

Team Points Weeks
Badminton & Tennis Club 0 0/0
Kingsbury 0 0/0
LTC Natick 0 0/0
LTC Wayland 0 0/0
The Country Club 0 0/0
Thoreau Club 0 0/0
Wayside Athletic Club 0 0/0
WestFit 0 0/0
Westboro 0 0/0
Winchester 0 0/0

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Badminton & Tennis Club0000000.0%000.0%000.0%
Kingsbury 0000000.0%000.0%000.0%
LTC Natick0000000.0%000.0%000.0%
LTC Wayland0000000.0%000.0%000.0%
The Country Club0000000.0%000.0%000.0%
Thoreau Club0000000.0%000.0%000.0%
Wayside Athletic Club0000000.0%000.0%000.0%

Roster Print Roster Roster Results

The Country Club W L T
Amy Wilson (C) 000
Bunny Hickey (CC) 000
Liz Ames 000
Beth Baldini 000
Susan Bushman 000
Pam Holding 000
Jennifer Jordan 000
Jennifer Krebs 000
Liz Maheras 000
Emily Pluhar 000
Emily Woods 000
Players Subbing for this Team
Barb Baker (S) 000
Kristin Fusco (S) 000
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